Bushy Guide to Triathlon

Bushfield Joggers is a running club that is pleased to welcome and encourage runners at all ability levels.

However there are times when some members because of: a wish to try something different; or having a running injury that needs a bit of a rest; or wanting a more varied training regime; may just fancy trying their hands (and legs)out on a triathlon.

A triathlon consists of 3 sports : swimming, biking and running (always in that order) and in addition there are also duathlons (no swimming) and aquathons ( no bike ride). Each one of these can be of varying distances for each of the sports and the swims can be either in a lake, river, pond etc (“open water”) or in a swimming pool (“indoors” ! )

Common fallacies are that:- you have to be super fit to take part in a triathlon (not true: each sport uses different muscle groups and the distances needn’t be demanding ); that you have to have a really whizzy, sporty bike (not true: most people’s first try is on a borrowed mate’s bike, a trusted old mountain bike or similar); or that you have to be a good swimmer (not true: for many of the triathlons quite a few swim breast stroke )

Races range from “super sprint” ( 400 metres swim, 25k bike ride, 5k run) to Olympic (1500 metres swim, 40k bike ride, 10k run) with a variety in between.

Quite a few Bushy runners regularly undertake a triathlon or two each year, particularly in those identified as suitable for beginners (which have maybe 25% first timers) or the PACTRAC series in Oundle over the summer. Whilst some triathlons are definitely a bit more expensive than running events, this is largely to cover the extra health and safety, extra infrastructure, as well as insurance for each participant. The PACTRAC series (which includes a specific “novice” evening) are great value and an excellent introduction. All triathlons tend to be a lot of fun for both participants and spectators , and there is a lot of support and encouragement to the “newbies” from both organisers and more seasoned participants.

If anyone has any further questions (general or specific) please speak to any of Paul Jephcott, Peter Tebb, Mandy Walker, Abi Tiernan or Sue Davys who will do their best to help.
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