Bushy Coaching Guide

Here at Bushfield we enjoy a nice slow run as much as a race but to help everyone improve and better themselves our team of coaches are always happy to support you.


We offer coached sessions every other Tuesday at club and these will cover a number of different aspects to help you improve. These are group sessions with all different abilities taking part and at no point are they a race against others they are designed for you to push yourself to your own Effort and hopefully get something from the session. One of our sessions for example could you see you running 1k at your best pace then resting for a period of time and repeating this 5-6 times, this sort of session would be designed to help improve times on shorter races such as a 5k.

 As well as Efforts sessions we will also run technique based sessions to help you learn different and new techniques such as foot placement on up and downhill running. All of the sessions are full of encouragement and advice.


In addition to group sessions if you are looking to train or improve specific events weather this be 5k or a Marathon our qualified coaches can help design a training plan specific to you to help you achieve that time you want. These will normally incorporate running with the club, Efforts sessions and some runs away from the club they are always based on ability and never asking things from you that is not achievable and most of all they will give you there support and time

to help you achieve your goals.


All of the club efforts sessions are supported with normal runs so you don’t need to feel pressured to take part but feel free to give them ago as most find out you will enjoy them, eventually!   


Our Coaching team are:

Brian Corleys, Paul Atherfold, Chris Hopewell, Eric Winstone, Callum Atherfold, Ellena Olik, Craig Matthews


Take a look at our TRAINING PLANS page for more suggestions on how to improve your desired race distance or talk to one of our dedicated coaching team.

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